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Marine Food About

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As we are now COVID-19 SECURE, and following UK Government guidelines, we will limit the number of people at the restaurant and one given time. We strongly advise you reserve your table online.

Indoor gatherings should only be occurring in groups of up to two households (including support bubbles) while outdoor gatherings should only be occurring in groups of up to two households (or support bubbles), or a group of at most six people from any number of households.

Please use the form below to reserve your table! Its as easy as pie! - you can still however call us if you wish to speak to us on 01865 775974. For large group reservations email:

We have taken every precaution to make the restaurant as safe as possible, rest assured your in good hands! We will have a check in system on arrival of any customers and visitors to the restaurant. To avoid contact and risk of tranmission we request all customers by card where possible.

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Marine Food Calling Info

01865 775974

Monday to Saturday

Between 5:30pm-10:30pm




Marine Food Calling Info

074025 15971

Marine Food Calling Info

Marine Food Calling Info

Aziz @ The Tree

63 Church Way

Iffley Village

Oxford OX4 4EY

Please Note :

We are closed between 9:00am - 5:25pm and any reservations sent between these times may be acknowledged and confirmed after 5.30pm.Howeve in most circumtances you will get confirmati within 1 hour.

*We offer tailored set menus for large groups at the restaurant, please leave any comments*