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Marine Food About

Orderin - Working in Partnership with Aziz

To Create a Service customer are Hungry for!

You're Welcome to OrderIn 

  • WE at Aziz Love making Takeaway food! - OrderIn LOVE delivering food! Perfect Combination!
  • Well how would you like to have your Takeaway delivered within 45 minutes during off peak times and up to an hour during busy periods?

We Thought so Too!

Which is why at OrderIn we have partnered with Aziz to ensure that waiting times of up to 2 Hours is a thing of the past!

What’s more is that we didn’t stop there

All our food is transported in specially designed thermally insulated, 12v electrically heated bags which heat up to 63c degrees to maintain food temperatures so your meal arrives HOT to your door.

The Myth of Free Delivery

There is no such thing as a free delivery – Your Free delivery means inflated menu item prices & longer delivery times. At OrderIn we make it clear by charging you a delivery fee which allows you to combine orders from any two restaurants. 

Minimum Order Value

Our minimum order value is £10 for the first restaurant and £7.50 for every other restaurant. Ordering from 3 or more restaurants will increase the delivery times by about 15 minutes.

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